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Babylon's Jewel Tablecloth

Babylon's Jewel Tablecloth

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These vibrant tablecloths enhance the aura of your decor and the entire dining room. The quality of our tablecloths is second to none, and you can pair them with our collection of cushion covers to complete the look.


Fabric: High-strength, polyester interlock fabric

Stitching: Delicately trimmed, fully stitched

Print: Digitally printed


  • 4 seater: 57" x 75" / 4.9ft x 6.3ft
  • 6 seater: 57" x 95" / 4.9ft x 7.9ft
  • Round: 57" x 57" / 4.9ft x 4.9ft


Care Instructions

Dry Clean or Machine wash

Instructions for machine washing:

• Cool or warm water
• Delicate or gentle cycles
• Low tumble dry

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  • What is the fabric used in this tablecloth?

    We have tested almost all the fabrics on table covers, nothing matches the quality of high-grade interlock fabric.

    therefore, we use interlock fabric on this table cover.

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  • Is the fabric durable?

    Yes, it's one of the most durable and heavy fabric.

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  • Will the print fade?

    Never, our products are for everyday use. The print will not even fade a bit, inshAllah.

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  • Is this tablecloth washable?

    Yes, this tablecloth is washable.

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  • I need 8-seater tablecloth?

    Our 6-seater tablecloth is about the same size as those 8-seater tablecloths you see in stores. That means our 6-seater tablecloth usually works well for most 8-seater tables.

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  • I need a bigger tablecloth, can you customise?

    If you need a larger tablecloth, we can make it longer to fit your table. However, we can't make it wider because the width is fixed at 57 inches due to technical limitations. But we're happy to customize the length for you!

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  • Can you make a tablecloth smaller to fit my needs?

    Absolutely! We can customize the tablecloth to make it smaller for you. We can adjust both the length and width according to your needs. Just let us know the specific dimensions you're looking for, and we'll take care of the rest!

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  • Why are round tablecloths square and not round?

    A square tablecloth on a round table adds a touch of elegance, making the table look much more refined. The way the four corners of the square cloth drape and form peaks really enhances the overall appearance of the table.

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